The Black and Tan Coonhound is one of the few breeds around that can claim the title of All-American. Although the exact origins are unknown it is probable that many of the European hunting hounds went into the basic make- up of the early coonhounds, including Talbot Hound, St Hubert Hound, found in the 11th century medival England Bloodhounds and Foxhounds of the time, and possibly the Kerry Beagle and the French Bleu Gascogne hounds . At any rate the evolution and development of the Black and Tan took place here in America and by the turn of the century the breed was here to stay. 1900 the Black and Tan Coonhound by careful breeding certainly had a distinctive “type” . William Cisneros, classed as the master breeder of the longer eared Black and Tans produced his first litter in 1921. Along with other breeders namely, Dan Stringer (Ten Oaks ) & Orville Dunham (GrandMere) became the impetus for AKC acceptance and were the breeders responsible for authoring the first American Kennel Club (AKC) standard for the breed . The first Black and Tans were registered with the United Kennel Club in 1912, the American Kennel Club followed in 1945 with the AKC recognising the Black and Tan as the first of the six Coonhounds as an entirely separate breed from the American foxhound , the first registered was called Grand Mere Big Rock Molly !

The Bkack &Tan Coonhound is a strong hunting dog , using their nose and long ears to gather scent. Nise to ground they track with skill and strong determination, having the stamina to track all day ! Once they have reached their quarry they will, Bay/ Bark.

they were breed to trail Racoon’s, their brave nature makes them easily trained to track, now being used in the uk in search and rescue.

Today in England we have Estella Saxton ( Scenterbay ) to thank for pioneering the first imports of the Black and Tan Coonhounds, hours of building friendships across the world, building trust, research and many middle of the night phone calls have given us an opportunity to have one of these Beautifull hounds in our homes.

With the extensive work Estella Saxton has done for the breed , reems of paperwork sent to the UK kennel club they announced the Breed recognition on May 8th 2018 by press release.


A hound full of Stamina that loves to follow a scent trail, but they can be just at ease being a couch potato !

They are laid back, carefree , gentle hounds , they like their comforts ! Faithful and loyal to family , love children and have very good relationships with other breeds of dogs.

Obedience training should be a must from a young pup, obtaining a good recall and good manners will make your hound more enjoyable!